Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 91: Wyoming!

7/21: mile 1527.2-1551.2
Miles: 24
Total trip miles: 1381.4

It rained all night, nothing flashy or dramatic just a light endless patter. Waking up is easy, packing in the rain always takes a little more motivation. We hit the road, this dirt track has been such a treat to walk on, my feet even stayed mostly dry.

Trees, road and drizzle it seemed fitting that Colorado would kick and scream at least just a little. There was no fanfare, rainbows or unicorns at the border. But there was a sign and a sweet spring and even a little sun at the end of our break. We sat, snacked, pulled faces taking the obligatory border photos and happily said goodbye to Colorado.

Since we never know exact mileage and routes it's only an estimate but we're about halfway now. Colorado was a beast and while it was great I'm more than ready to mix it up.

More rolling dirt trail through trees and mostly cleared blowdowns. The drizzle and the swamps came back. I'm used to wet feet but I misjudged and lost my shoe to a mud pit. Nothing like digging into swamp standing in a sock to brighten your morning and laugh uncontrollably, because really what else can you do?

Mud trying to eat my shoe

Wyoming apparently wants to be Washington. Misty and back to find the cairns and not so much trail.

Then down for ages into the world of meadows.

Trying to figure out where we are. We made it to the highway in good time and had a hitch with no issues. Then down to Encampment, dinner and camping. A fantastic day.

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