Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 86: Steamboat Springs

7/16: mile 1433.8-1465.4
Miles: 31.6
Total trip miles: 1298.4

So last night my phone charger decided to short out or something and I was left with an almost dead phone. So not so much GPS or camera action today.

I shamelessly asked Atlas if I could follow him for a bit especially because my map warned me of confusing dirt roads and unmarked turns. I wasn't planning on getting to Steamboat Springs today Atlas was so I figured I'd tag along as long as I was feeling good.

The morning was confusing forest and wet grass as expected but nothing too bad. We were making good time and soon enough were finally on beautiful dirt road heading down. We had been on a road closed to vehicles which just meant stepping over lots of logs so a clear road was a treat.

It got hotter and flattened out as we entered cow country.

Then it was 10 miles of road walking. Pavement always hurts but miles were speeding by and I got to Muddy Pass by 5.

Atlas got to the pass a few minutes later and we had a hitch within 5 minutes. Steamboat was crowded, overwhelming and the hotels were pretty booked up. We caught up with Rest Stop, finally got a room and all fell asleep in our rain gear while our laundry was running.

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