Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 90: One last Colorado Day

7/20: mile 1492.3-1527.2 (purple route by three island lake)
Miles: 32.1
Total trip miles: 1357.4

That was one chilly night, I woke up to a soaking wet tent. No rain but more condensation then probably ever before. I was antsy and was the first to start packing and head out.

I hadn't even walked 20 minutes when I saw a tent. Rest Stop was awake and started packing. While we caught up Atlas appeared and we headed out together.

Wet icy cold feet and marshes started off the day. The trail climbed up and it felt more like mountains, but still lots of wet marsh just with hazy views thrown in.

We decided to try a purple route because our lovely map writer basically said anything was prettier than the official route. It didn't hurt that it was a few miles shorter either.

We followed a creek down past Three Island Lake and all the way to the valley floor. It was very pretty and it's always lovely to walk alongside a rushing creek. Lots of day hikers and even 2 rangers, clearly we weren't far from civilization.

Lunch under a bridge by a rushing creek and then time to start the climb back out of the valley. An old burn area, lots of dead trees and muggy weather.

The gradual climb switched it up and for a few miles I baked in the sun on the open road. But the clouds got better and even though the marsh and mosquitoes remained it wasn't bad.

More climbing and then just rolling forest service roads. We camped just around dark as it drizzled. Colorado isn't going down just yet. It's 3.1 miles to the Wyoming border and the unofficial half way point, and man am I excited!!

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