Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 72: Twin Lakes

7/2: mile 1151.9-1168.9 (maybe 0.2 up Elbert trail, plus did purple routes)
Miles: 13?
Total trip miles: 1016.1

Up and over Mt Hope, what a great start to the morning. Just a little snow on the way down then it was wet muddy cruising time.

So much down! There were day hikers and even a pair of thruhikers. Hot Tub, Coincidence and I continued on down and taking the purple route headed to Twin Lakes. Somehow we got there by ten. They were super friendly but I was a little overwhelmed and didn't know where to start.

It spent most of the morning pouring and we hid and snacked and were generally useless. No running water meant creek drinking on a town day which felt strange. Something about legal chlorine testing or something, they're new owners and hiker friendly but walking across the street to use chemical toilets is a bit of a bummer.

Getting ready for the rain

We checked out the museum and ate at a rad food cart. Ribbon fries are delicious. Made some friends with all the south bounding Colorado Trail hikers (there are so many of them!) and finally resupplied.

I sewed my shoes, they have to make it less than 80 miles so I'm crossing my fingers fishing line will do me right.

Coincidence and I geeked out over an old love of horrible TV. Little house on the prairie and the Waltons make for great conversation. Sometime after 6 I finally rolled out. I ended up trying to take the purple route out of town but only found private property so official route it was.

That's my morning

I got to the Mt Elbert turn off and headed up. Of course I couldn't skip this, who was I kidding? An extra 4ish miles and the highest point in Colorado, yup doing it. The creek I expected is dry but I head a little farther up and off trail find rushing water, perfect. Now the only decision is an early start or not?

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