Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 75: Brekenridge

Day 74
7/5: mile 1217.8-1237.9
Miles: 20.1
Total trip miles: 1088.6

Town day! I spent the first part of my morning following Cataract Creek down the valley, through trees, meadows and a whole lot of Colorado Trail hikers.

Past the very overbuilt and overwhelming Copper Mountain Ski resort.

One more good climb, and a very pretty ridge line.

It started pouring about 7 miles from town. Whatever, I have a building to sleep in tonight! Then down towards the highway and my bus to Brekenridge.

The bus comes after a short wait and I'm in town. Overwhelming and touristy but Cookie Monster and Moist are watching the World Cup and the Fireside Inn is awesome.

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