Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 83: Grand Lake Zero

This hostel is pretty great, I'm surrounded by hikers and even though I got in at 2 yesterday hiking sounds like no fun. I thought I had 90 something miles to Steamboat Springs but it turns out I have less. There's a 25 mile loop in Rocky Mountain that some folks day hike and I had assumed I would do but just don't want to. Thunderstorms and beetle kill forests don't do it for me and I magically have 20 miles I don't have to hike because a 4.3 mile purple route lets me skip the loop. So yeah zero with a ton of hiker trash.

Boardwalk tourist town

Fat cat cafe is nice and patriotic

Cause you know horses on the road, obviously

Three hikers resupplying took up a surprising amount of space

Classing up the living room

Thruhiking is hard work

There's ice cream and soft serve everywhere in this town, and it's delicious

See darkness, wouldn't want to hike out too fast

Cookie getting fancy and cooking for everyone

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