Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 82: Grand Lake

7/12: mile 1350.2-1370
Miles: 19.2
Total trip miles: 1220.7

Less than 20 to town! Up early and down the switchbacks. Pretty sunrise through the trees.

Made it to campgrounds and lakes (bathrooms and trash cans!)

Hot and around the lake I go. Lake Granby is awfully big.

Then it was the infamous knights ridge. This area has been decimated by beetle death and I guess until just a few weeks ago hadn't been cleared in years and was horrible and slow. Instead I climbed up to the ridge and only had to sidestep a few. Although it was nice and terrifying when a tree fell across the trail right behind me.

The lake was loud, absolutely full of boats and people.

Officially in Rocky Mountain National Park. Last few miles were hot, muggy and pretty untraveled Meadow.

The trail became a marsh and then a creek.

Finally really in Grand Lake. Tourists everywhere but it's a small town and I headed to the hostel. It ended up being quite the crowd, I think 11 thruhikers? The Shadowcliff hostel was pretty sweet and as the lone girl even had a bunkroom to myself.

Sunset from the porch

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