Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 84: Through Rocky Mountain

7/14: mile 1370 (skip Rocky Mountain loop)-1409.7
Miles: 22
Total trip miles: 1242.7

Cookie Monster made breakfast which was amazing. I love staying in places with kitchens. There were 11 thruhikers hanging around this morning, I haven't seen this many hikers since Pagosa. It's been really fun, between the extra day some folks took to do the loop in Rocky Mountain and the sick folks (giardia looks to be making the rounds) we've got a whole new bubble.

Checkout time forced folks to finally start moving and everyone slowly trickled out. One or two were staying and a few still had errands but all told at least 8 people probably left today. So hiking alone but very much not alone.

The trail picked up right outside the hostel and into Rocky Mountain National Park. I took the alternate (skipping the 25 mile loop) and headed out on the Tonuatu trail up towards Big Meadow and the CDT.

Typical monsoon afternoon, pouring rain thunder and hail. Out of Rocky Mountain and into the Never Summer Wilderness, sounds promising right?

At least there are still wildflowers everywhere. I found First Man setting up his tent below a climb. He decided potential thunderstorms weren't worth the risk. I killed some time and Cookie showed up, with a break in the rain the 2 of us continued on.

Then it was down and around the mountain.

We went a little farther than planned to get water but it wasn't bad hiking and after dark Sam and Picker rolled up for the same reason. Note to self, water is not absolutely everywhere anymore.

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