Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 130: Hamby Creek

8/29: mile 2317.8-Hamby Creek
Miles: 25.1
Total trip miles: 2400.2

Today 3 years ago I made it to the Canadian border on the PCT, this time around I'm nowhere near the border but I'm still on my way. I'm moving slower, taking my time and feeling less run down than last time but I am getting awfully worried I may be finishing this hike in snow. Once I figure out my way around the fires that are currently closing over 100 miles of trail in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and part of Glacier...

Ridges of mountains to start my day.

I lose the trail in a field of shale for a bit and am grumpy by the time I get to Goldstone Pass, but a short ways off trail is a nice spring and my mood improves tenfold (dry camping and slow miles to water make me cranky). Then it's time to climb back up to the divide and roll for a bit. Its beautiful and great to feel like we're in real mountains again.

We get a few raindrops and Rest Stop decides a short cross country on a knifes edge sounds fun. Then it starts raining again and cross country becomes a whole lot less fun. But there are shiny happy switchbacks down the mountain and more beautiful trail through pine forest so I'll just pretend the "short cut" didn't happen. Overall a mellow day, nice trail and forest with plenty of creeks is pretty sweet. Rest Stop sees a mom bear and her two cubs but I'm ahead and somehow miss them, although I did get to stare at lots of Pika's this afternoon which I always love.

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