Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 132: Back on track

8/31: 2356.6-7 miles south of chief Joseph Pass
Miles: 27
Total trip miles: 2450.2

We leave early and after a bit of griping and layering up against the cold I shut my mouth and just enjoy the morning. It's been awhile since I walked with sunrise and I forgot how much I love it.

Maybe 10 minutes after camp I cross a creek, maybe the GPS for my spring was wrong? Who cares I love having water.

Past the lake, pretty low this time of year.

A few miles of beautifully made trail, switchbacks on the side of the mountain which took some solid work. Lots of rock and steep faces make me happy for trail. Then it's a long way down a forested canyon along a creek. Another great morning.

We see a surprising amount of old junk out here, broken down homesteads is usually our best guess.

Then it's back to climbing, a few thousand feet but I feel like I'm being spoiled with these great switchbacks and nice trail.

Fresh spring water complete with a pipe for easy access

Nice big signs this section, although after this the trail became an old ATV track and while easy to follow it was no more nice grading or switchbacks just hauling you straight up and down.

So much old burn

I wasn't the only one who was getting beat down my the straight up and down climbs, I love finding notes from other hikers.

More time on the divide and better views of the old burns and beetle kill

Tomorrow is a 31 mile hitch to Darby and town days are always great. Plus it's only 8 miles to our hitch, which means we might even make it for breakfast.

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