Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day 129: Lemhi Pass

8/28: Lemhi Pass-2317.8
Miles: 14.7
Total trip miles: 2375.1

We had to leave Leadore eventually and our ride needed to be in Salmon, Idaho by 1 so another late start, but that meant I got to sleep in so no great loss.

We get to the pass by noon but somehow waste an hour talking to tourists. For being in the middle of nowhere there are a surprising number of people. Our maps warn of 25 miles without water and the smoke is worse than it has been in days. So sitting and chatting trail is pretty fun compared to hauling my surprisingly heavy backpack.

Eventually we do leave, about 6 or 7 miles in we take an alternate, dipping cross country to happily find a creek. No other water until tomorrow but this was a nice afternoon treat. Jonathan Ley and his maps are pretty much my heroes lately.

The rest of the day is forested, old logging roads and young trees. It's pretty shaded and there's lots of green undergrowth for a change. We stop a little early after looking at the topo map and not seeing too many options and I happily collapse in my sleeping bag. A short day but after so many off its nice to ease back into it.

Eating dinner in the evening light the best part of my day happens, a curious owl circles us for a solid few minutes. Man I love it out here.

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  1. Knock knock!
    who's there?
    Lehmi Pass
    Lehmi Pass who?
    Lehmi Pass you so I can get ahead . . .

    okay, this has probably been done . . . Hike on, Maya!