Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day 134-135: Well it is raining

Miles 0

The first zero was for chores and such, the second well it's awfully hard to be motivated to leave when it's icy cold outside and the mountains have disappeared into clouds. Forecasts are looking grim for the next few days but Canada is calling and two zeros better be enough.

We eat, resupply and chat with the local forest service station trying to picture what giant fire closures are up ahead. I even get to see Shane who I last saw in Pagosa, the Reverend finished last week and with family in Darby we get to harass him and catch up. It's a bit surreal starting to see the finish photos trickling over social media. Oh well still looking like the 3rd week of September for me,but I'm not ready to be done so no great loss being in the back of the pack this time around.

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