Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day 133: Darby!

9/1: Lost Trail Pass
Miles: 8
Total trip miles: 2458.2

Nothing like town to motivate, sunrise and breakfast call.

Because I'm so excited I can see mountains for days you get 2 pictures of skyline.

Alright jokers, I guess the nice graded trail yesterday was more PCT than CDT style...

One last border marker, after Darby it's finally time to leave the Idaho Montana border and head north!

Miles of cruiser logging roads, and to make it even better look at that blue sky!

Well we have been here a bit but now it's official? We make it up the highway at Chief Joseph Pass and walk the mile down to Lost Trail Pass where there's a rest area and a straight shot down to Darby. A 31 mile hitch made more fun making friends with motorcycle riders taking photo ops and the surprise parachutes.

We watched 15 guys land right next to the rest area, we found out later it was special ops training which makes sense since those were some massive military looking helicopters.

Less than 30 minutes later we saw a fully loaded car of hikers pass by. The same folks who drove a mess of hikers back to the trail turned around and gave us a ride back. Great folks for sure.

Then it was finally time to sit and do nothing, grocery store trips and wandering aimlessly. My kind of afternoon.

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