Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 155: Rolling out of Lincoln

9/23: Rogers Pass-2756.8
Miles: 23.1
Total trip miles: 2712.7

The hike out of the pass was lovely switchbacks even if I was already griping about my heavy pack.

The views were just getting better as we started rolling up the mountain.

I was super excited about this hurt, unfortunately it was on trail but locked so all I could do was sadly stare in the window at its coziness.

The aspen are blazing down I the valleys.

Up down and all over the place but look more Lewis and Clark time.

Trail signs? Who needs them, these small inconspicuous cairns followed us for a bit up the mountain.

Okay I'll admit it, I wasn't sure why you'd hike much up here but after huffing and puffing over the rolling mountains I'm getting it. It's kicking my butt today but it sure is worth the views.

So many dead trees, fire, beetle kill, weevils and who knows what else.

We dip down magically into forest for a quick minute. There's a bone dry lake but my maps come through and Ley is right again. We go off trail up a dry creek to find glorious water, yes I carried 4 liters most of the day because it was potentially 30 dry miles but after last week I'll suffer the weight just in case.

Down and bank up, but the water was worth it.

It was starting to get cold and the wind whipped us down into the dead trees, but look how far we can see!

Sunset is gorgeous and we somehow lucked out and are in a nice basin protected from the wind.

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