Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day 140: Pushing to town

9/8: Anaconda
Miles: 33 (or something like that)
Total trip miles: 2557.6

Win! No bears all night, a nice cold start to my morning. I guess 30 degree starts are the norm now? Oh well my pack is lighter when I'm wearing every item of clothing I have anyhow.

Yup fall colors

Bear scat is not a bear, I'll stick with staring at footprints and poop thank you very much

After climbing through Queener Basin I make it to the top of Rainbow Mountain. I still can't stop loving views without smoke.

Everything has been signed out here, it's actually great.

I had been seeing bushes change colors but this is the first week the trees have joined in, I guess snowstorms have that effect.

At Goat Flat I split from the CDT, I'm taking the Anaconda alternate into Anaconda instead of the trail and hitching into Butte. Almost everyone takes this alternate because it saves about 80 miles and avoids a hitch which is very needed with how behind I am. Every day I'm crossing my fingers that winter just waits a bit longer.

Heading towards Storm Pass

At Storm Lake I leave the trail and head towards the highway on a dirt road, 8 or so miles later it's highway 1 and pavement walking to Anaconda.

At least I get to learn things while I hike roads.


It's getting late but how could I not stop and enjoy this fatty?

I find Rest Stop and the motel right at sunset, a long day but the extra push was worth it. It's warm and I have a bed and food tonight instead of stealthing by the highway.

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