Friday, September 18, 2015

Day 145: On the road again

9/13: Anaconda-47.2 on Anaconda route
Miles: 20
Total trip miles: 2577.6

It took us until after 11 but we finally made the break and Holly, Squarl, Rest Stop and I headed out on the long road walk out of town.

At least road walks can turn into treasure hunts, Squarl rocking his new Toyota belt buckle. It got pretty hot and after a swim in a roadside lake life was much better. We even ran into Hot Tub, Coincidence and her parents. We're pretty sure we're the last 6 folks hiking and it sounds like Rest Stop and I will be the last to the border. Well I did always hear the last ones win, so we're all killing it right now.

Woohoo dirt, my feet and joints thank you. After 10 plus miles of pavement it was much appreciated.

Lots of pretty pastures and then it was time to climb.

Dry creeks had us worried but a very nice ranch gave us some water while these two turkeys followed Squarl around. Of course 10 minutes later the creek started flowing by the road but hey with a name like Dry Cottonwood Creek maybe you can understand our apprehension. A little ways up the climb we cross over into the trees and camp, it's the warmest night in ages and I can't believe I'm not wearing my jacket yet, this night rocks.

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