Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day 139: Mountains Passes Galore

9/7: mile 2438.8-2 miles past Cutaway Pass
Miles: 27
Total trip miles: 2524.6

I'm not going to lie, a hotel room would have been awfully nice compared to what we've been hiking through but man is it gorgeous. I think most of the folks who came through this area this season saw smoke and instead I get snow capped mountains. A trade I'm okay with right now.

It's a chilly start but no more messing around, food is tight and town isn't getting any closer. The whole day seems to be a series of mountain passes. Up and over with not too much of a break in between but since it's mostly well graded and I spend half the day with my mouth hanging open I can't complain.

So many footprints

Still lots of snow, although the worst of it is only 6 inches or so, just enough for cold wet feet. It's still cold out too, I'm crossing my fingers this was just a system and not winter yet.

One of the many bear prints today

Fall colors for sure

The trail after Cutaway Pass is in amazing shape and I cruise down. I still can't believe how early it's getting dark and while I find a nice campsite it's right next to fresh bear prints. And while I realize the bear probably walks the mile further to where I do stop at least I can't see the footprints anymore.

Wolf? There's definitely no dogs out here

Why I didn't camp at the first spot I found...

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