Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day 147: Ark time

Miles: 18?
Total trip miles: 2621.6

The rain never stopped, by 3 the tents were filling with water and by daylight it was no good. We had camped onward packed ground and the water was just puddling under us. Holly, Squarl and I were wet but okay, Rest Stop's sleeping bag had acted like a wick and was saturated. Wringing water out of a down sleeping bag is not a good start to a morning.

2 inches of water sounds like fun right?

Looking at maps and GPS we came up with a game plan. We were 29 miles from Macdonald Pass and a hitch to town or we could stay on the Blackfoot Meadow trail and catch a forest service road to the highway shaving off enough miles to get into town today instead of tomorrow. It wasn't a hard decision.

We made it off the trail and to road. We took shelter under a porch at a forest service cabin, regrouping from the 39 degree windy rain. Then it was road, we even got a break from the rain and a few moments of sun. But certainly not enough to dry a down bag.

Our hitch took less than 15 minutes and we were soon all warm and snug in Helena, an unexpected and awesome end to our day.

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