Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 156: Bear prints and burns

9/24: 5ish miles to the Benchmark Intersection
Miles: 28?
Total trip miles: 2740.7

Within the first few miles we pass at least 9 piles of bear a at, guess we found a thoroughfare?

Soon enough we're headed down and after yesterday's dry miles today is the opposite with creeks and rivers every which way.

I'm loving the colors but definitely pretending it's not as cold as it actually is these days.

A slight detour but hey getting a little off track means you find guard stations with the perfect porch to nap on.

It's a long day, it looked easy last night staring at maps but it's been all slow rolling mini hills and walking upstream. Plus I think I'm still beat from yesterday. Of course the trail is headed up and over that.

We finally top out and after Straight Creek Pass it's no more upstream walking just a steady trek down through more dead forest.

But somehow in the midst of it all were these plucky little flowers, see it not winter yet!

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