Monday, September 21, 2015

Day 151: Bail out

9/19: Lincoln
Miles: 27ish
Total trip miles: 2670.6

It's cold and windy and I want water so no dilly dallying this morning.

The morning is big views and the wind trying to blow me off the divide.

Warm yet? My map says there should be water down an old 4x4 road in a drainage about 8 miles from where we camped. We head down and find bone dry rocks where the map says our stream should be, we go a little farther but no luck (turns out if we had walked maybe 5-10 minutes more we would have found water). It wasn't pretty, I had a melt down crying in the grass, I have never run out of water like this and hadn't been eating enough in the cold, clearly a great combination. The next water is only about 4 miles farther so we start hiking again. I'm really doing okay it's just mentally beating me to a pulp, coping skills don't seem to be my strong point this morning.

I did not drink from this mud puddle, but I did drink from the one right before it and honestly it wasn't bad except the color. Morning clay intake is good right?

Scenic trail finds

The most beautiful spring, 2 pm
and I couldn't be happier. The maps warn of seasonal water up ahead and not much else. We look at the maps and come up with an alternate. We can walk straight to the town of Lincoln and then back up to the trail at Rogers Pass it adds something like 8 or 12 miles but right now it seems worth it to walk along creeks all afternoon.

This road is beautiful and it has a creek, I couldn't be happier.

A pretty sunset walks us into town, my feet are killing me and it's hard to do more than just collapse on Holly and Squarl's hotel room floor. They did the exact same thing as us and took the road into town.

That was one emotionally exhausting day. All the hotels are full, there's a car show in town so floor it is, and it sure is a great floor.

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