Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day 152: Road Walking

9/20: Lincoln again
Miles: 19
Total trip miles: 2689.6

Just because I didn't walk into town the official route didn't mean I didn't want to walk back to the trail and it was only about 19 miles on highway 200. Squarl and Rest Stop suggested the slack pack, why not walk and then hitch back into town? At the last minute no one else wanted to come but they did have the great idea of hitch in to the pass and then just walking straight back into town.

Lots of pretty cars all day because of the car show this weekend. Unexpected distractions aren't bad.

I got a ride up to the pass within the first 5 minutes and I wasn't even trying. They just pulled over because apparently I looked like I needed a ride. Thanks Rogue River raft guides, you made my morning.

Right after the pass, yikes.

Then it was miles of road. The first bit prettier than the end but a good day and change to just listen to my own thoughts. Walking against the crazy wind on a gravel shoulder, I'm going to miss even this. About 250 miles left and it's getting awfully late I the season.

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