Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 131: Mountains!!

8/30: Hamby Creek-2356.6 (spring)
Miles: 23
Total trip miles: 2423.1

A glorious smoke free lazy morning. I seem determined to drag my feet these last few weeks on the trail. I know fall is coming but it's hard to rush when I know it's just back to work. All sorts of elevation changes and glimpses of mountains as we head down and then all the way back up into real mountains.

I feel like I'm back in Colorado, these mountains are my happy place.

Back in the San Juans Nightcrawler fell in love with this one mountain face, I made fun of her but for me this was it. Hands down this was one of my favorite spots these last few weeks.

We pass Slag-a-melt lakes which makes me giggle, although not as bad as Bloody Dick Creek the day before. I had to check that one a couple times on the map, I mean really? The tree cover increases after crossing over a pass and it's getting harder to ignore the fall color in the forest. C'mon mountains I not ready to finish yet!

We found a sled, I feel like I'm in the middle of nowhere but we must be closer to roads than I realized. Either way it feels awfully secluded out here.

It's late and the wind is whipping and so very cold when we get to where I thought a spring was. Spring is generous, shallow puddles would be more realistic. I manage a little water and hope the source a few miles on is actually flowing.

Tucked into my sleeping bag I'm lulled to sleep by what I think is a young bear looking for its mother, talk about an unsettling noise...

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