Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 126-128: Zeros with Miles

8/26: Lemhi Pass-Bannock Pass
Miles: 25
Total trip miles: 2360.4

On our first day off Cookie Monster, Rest Stop and I watch everyone else spinning in circles. There's a few who are actually leaving but the other 7 are taking advantage of a ride and will be slack packing. Basically they are getting a ride back to the trailhead and have set up a ride at Lemhi Pass 27 miles away tonight so they get miles in but don't have to carry 5 days of food (this is 120 plus me stretch) or some of their gear and they get another night in town.

We end up having a nice quiet day in town, no stress just enjoying the green yard and the local rabbits.

Day 2 in Leadore

Seriously debating something

The next day Cookie, Rest Stop and I are getting ready to go but I'm dragging my feet. Hiking just doesn't sound fun. Most folks are taking a zero day but Moist and Nightcrawler are getting dropped at Lemhi Pass. Which is how I end up deciding to go on my first slack pack. We hop in and get to hike South back to Bannock and this stretch becomes one day shorter.

It's a long drive and we don't get stated until after 11. The first 3 plus hours are all climbing and hot. With no breeze even with a light pack I'm dying.

Clouds finally start to roll in and we get a bit of a breeze.

We find Eleanor and Atlas halfway through the day, they vetoed the slack pack and are hiking north today like normal.

Getting cold and windy, on the bright side these are the best views we've seen in ages. Thanks weather!

We cross country shaving about 2 miles off the day and get back to Bannock before 9. Of course we fail leaving the next morning. A triple zero with 27 miles in the middle counts for something right?

Smoke blowing in.

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