Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 73, Lassen National Forest

Daily Mileage: 24.5
Mile 1290.5-1315

Yeah so all that descending yesterday, yup had to go right back up this morning. It started out downright muggy, I can't even remember the last time I didn't start my day without my jacket but I was sweating before breakfast today. We were walking through an old burn area and luckily timed it just right. The sun didn't hit me until I was a few miles in and back in real trees. Plus once the trees started the poison oak really disappeared. Not that dodging plants isn't fun, but I prefer poison oakless trail. And so the climb continued, close to 5000 feet over something like 12 miles. The grade was pretty nice but it is a long time to be climbing and I'll admit it, I got pretty cranky about it. My legs feel pretty good even if my pack weighs a ton and yet the hills mentally take me forever. Darn you mind, why must you spin so?

After the burn most of the morning was in shaded forest. As the trail neared the top it finally opened up a bit and I actually took a few photos. I've been slacking on the photo taking recently and need to work on that.

The clouds really started to roll in.

Made it to siesta late but what glorious food! I may complain my pack is heavy but fresh food is so worth it.

We dawdled the afternoon away. Beautiful clouds and mountains, volcanic rock and wildflowers. Definitely not conducive to speedy walking. Finally headed a bit closer to real trees because it looked suspiciously like rain. Well we shall see...

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