Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 80, The land of logging roads

Daily mileage: 25
Mile 1425-1450
The morning was spent climbing up and away from wherever it was we actually started. A big change from the pretty much flat terrain of the last few days. Forest and logging areas all around as the trail slowly wound wherever it felt like going today.

It apparently didn't inspire too many pictures because I took almost zero, it was pretty I'm just not in much of a camera mood. I'm favoring my right foot right now which has me much slower than even I usually am. I'm trying to be careful and take more breaks which put a different tone to my day. But after hours of forest it was great to round the corner and see Shasta. At least the views are great.

It was getting super toasty in the sun but that view was worth it. The afternoon was more frustrating than the morning for me. I had a feeling the guys would push to the next water which was 19.5 miles from where we slept rather than the usual 17-18 we have been hiking before siesta. That would have been okay if I hadn't been going quite so slow. I'm okay getting to siesta an hour late but more than that not so much. Only it turns out there was lots of confusion today with more logging roads than the maps showed and guthook mislabeling water by a mile. So lunch water was at 1345.6 not 1344.6. Only a mile, but that can be one long mile when you are tired and cranky. Didn't make it to the water until 4pm, but since it was farther than we had thought it did mean we didn't have to go as far later. Either way it was great to sit and hide from the sun, plus I stuck my foot in the icy cold creek which I'm hoping helps. Not much really to say about the rest of today, the trail after siesta opened up a bit and there were some good views as it followed the edge of a cliff. Nice and overgrown in places and smelling of mashed potatoes (I swear, exactly like potatoes cooking). Camped with a beautiful view of Shasta, now let's see what tomorrow brings.

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