Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 89, Onwards towards Seied

Daily mileage: 18
Mile 1606-1624
"Its a magical world Hobbs old buddy, let's go exploring."
An alarm accidentally went off at 5 am but thankfully everyone just went back to sleep. Went out for a delicious breakfast and just had a lazy morning of it. I'm trying to get to Seied while the post office is open so rushing to get there by Tuesday is just too hard. Instead it will be a more relaxed Wednesday arrival. So the goal today was to hopefully hit the trail by noon (what a hardship right?). So a very nice and relaxing morning was in order. My resupply was already done, we had eaten breakfast and could just hang out. Stopped by the old fashioned soda shop (pharmacy) before heading out and then a lovely local named America gave us all a ride to the trailhead in her pickup. At noon we started walking, with a ton of clouds and a breeze, so perfect.
Samwise and I were talking about the beauty of a good rest day this morning. He's convinced that it really makes the trail even more enjoyable to come back to, and I think he is dead on. I am so happy to be back on the PCT and feeling good, and man do I love this section right now.

Hiked mostly alone today, did spend a few miles with Danimal put pushed on after he stopped. Started to get drizzled on but nothing too dramatic. Right as I was giving up on ever finding a real spot to pitch my tent I found a great one. All by myself with an amazing sunset view, life is good.

So few miles until the Oregon border! Can't wait :)
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