Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 86, And so things change

Daily mileage: 14
Mile 1558-1572

I'm going to preface this entry with a quick apology, I feel like lately this blog has been more whiny writing than photos. The thing is, I just haven't been that inspired to take photos. Rather I've been incredibly preoccupied with my own negative thoughts, so that's what you end up with. The rambling insights into the mind of a thruhiker going through a rough patch...

I woke up tired. The wind had thankfully been blowing all night so it was actually a nice temperature all night and almost no mosquitoes to plague me. As the guys packed up I just lay there in my sleeping bag watching the clouds. Decision made, I wasn't even going to leave with guys, I just didn't have it in me. It was a relaxing way to start the morning. When I finally dragged myself from my sleeping bag and tried to eat more than a few bites of breakfast it had been over an hour since my usual wake up time. Lovely.

So down the trail I went, inching my way along. Hit highway 3 and watched motorcycles roar past, and then stopped to take a much needed nap. Right when I started hiking again Caveman popped up around the corner. He had already gotten to the top of the climb, left his pack at the top and was going on a run because he felt like it. Here's this kid running up a mountain while I had needed a nap just to get to the base. I'm still tired just thinking about it. The climb up was slow but enjoyable, I officially entered the Trinity Alps Wilderness and took lots of breaks as I tried to enjoy the trail.
I rounded a corner to find a PCTA trail crew ahead of me. I stopped and chatted for awhile and the lovely folks mentioned that their camp was just off trail a short ways and had fruit so a stop by was pretty tempting. I was on the fence about it as it was already almost 2 but I decided another short break wouldn't be too bad mileage/time wise. And so I met the trail crew, including John Lyon who was in charge and so very persuasive. As the rest of the crew trickled back to camp it wasn't long before I was convinced to stay for dinner. It took some arm twisting because this would truly end all my hopes of catching the guys but rest, food, and good conversation was just too good to pass up. It was a great decision. What an amazing group of people, a solar shower, great stories and a whole afternoon off. After dinner and a campfire it was time for bed and tomorrow I am officially 100% solo. A little nerve wracking after all this time with a group but I think it's exactly what I need right now.

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