Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 99, Crater Lake

Daily mileage: 9
Mile 1825-1834
My mom recently asked me about the significance of Crater Lake. Was it some big milestone on the trail? Because I have apparently mentioned it quite a bit. Well I guess technically no it isn't a big milestone but look at it this way, have you ever heard of Seied Valley, Etna, Shelter Cove or Cascade Locks? I certainly hadn't, but Crater Lake, that was one I actually knew. And when you stand at the Mexican border and look at this insanely long map of the PCT and see this name you recognize it starts to be kind of dramatic. Crater Lake meant Oregon, and not just the border but this unimaginably far off place 1830 miles away. So maybe not significant for everyone but pretty darn exciting for me.
I woke up a little late because with only 6.5 miles to go there wasn't exactly a huge rush to get to the store exactly when it opened. But once I started hiking it was hard not to fly down the trail. Got to a real road and made my way to Mazama Village. This park is really two parts. This part is low in a canyon with a store, restaurant and campground. Oh and zero views of the lake. 4.5 miles up out of the canyon is the Rim, where you finally get to see the lake, another store slash food place and the lodge, i.e. fancy hotel. I resupplied at Mazama took a shower and did laundry. Not thrilling but necessary. Although possible my diet for the next few days isn't fantastic, that store had a whole lot of junk. Oh well it's only 3 ish days until my next stop in Cascade Locks. Wrong Way and I went to breakfast where the waitress gossiped to us about all the hikers who had been there before. Very entertaining. Looks like someone is sick but we have no idea who and everyone we had been hiking with is 1-2 days ahead by now. Sorry no photos, let's face it Mazama wasn't really photo worthy. Building in a parking lot....I want to see the lake!
So back to the trail we climbed. Wrong Way wasn't feeling to great and I have a nasty heat rash in the shape of my backpack on my back right now so the climb felt longer than it probably was. It being hot and muggy didn't help so much. But then...

The plan had been to keep hiking but listening to your body is important too. Wrong Way got a room and invited me to stay. So a short hiking day to try to feel better in this amazing place.

Such lovely views, plus so many great people to chat with. Oh and a delicious dinner and the most comfortable pillow I've slept on in ages, not to shabby. And tomorrow we walk the rim!
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  1. Crater lake is definitely a milestone for my thru hike. i understand your excitement completely

  2. Hey Maya. I connected with Beaver Cheif. He was in Bend for a re supply and stayed over night with Robin who's name is on a board at hwy 58. He is back on the trail north of Elk Lake. Not sure if he was one of your hiking buddies? He said he was going to summit south sister Today, Wednesday continueing N on trail. Hope you are holding up alright. Stay at it, lots of people read your blog and don't leave you comments. But lots are enjoying living vicariously thru you. So keep your chin up when its down. K. That's my pep talk.!