Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 88, Guess I'm going to Etna

Daily mileage: 9
Mile 1597-1606

I woke up with no plans to head into town today. I had convinced myself to push on towards Seied and then Ashland. Within a half hour of hitting the trail Wrong Way came speeding by saying they were heading to Etna and I should join. Then Samwise was jogging past with Joker close behind saying yeah I really should just come to Etna. This was getting ridiculous, everyone seems pretty stoked on Etna and it was mentioned that while the post office in Ashland may be closed UPS has an office that will be open. So my excuses not to go to Etna were out the window.

I figured I would hit the road a few hours after the fast guys but would be able to find them in town. A whole day off was sounding pretty great. Ended up hiking in with Kombucha and Hawkeye, grabbed a quick hitch down and was officially in Etna. Stopped at the grocery store to resupply then onto the local restaurant/diner. I finally got the waffle I've been wanting for ages and it was perfect. The rest of the day was lazy and great. Food and relaxing, really everything I needed. Even got to watch Sweet As and Hawkeye take on a Monte Cristo sandwich. If that isn't ridiculous gluttony I don't know what it is, if you're looking for a quick couple of thousand calories and some artery clogging that thing is for you! Bob's in Etna was quite enjoyable as was the brewery. We even went to the local ice cream social, ice cream and cake and such good people watching.

And tonight I get to sleep in a real bed, clean from my lovely shower and with freshly laundered clothes. What a great sleepover.

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