Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 71, Bucks Wilderness

Daily mileage: 25
Mile 1251-1276

Do you feel like climbing? Because the PCT sure did. It was about 600 ft of climbing switchbacks with a bit of flat and then a descent thrown in (so really no different than any other day). Then 7-8 miles of steady climbing over 3000 ft. Up and up the trail wound through the mountains taking me who knows where, because really I just saw trees for a few hours there...

You got a few sneak peeks and then finally some great rock outcroppings where you could really get a taste of what the heck the trees had been hiding.

As I wandered on I got lots of useful trail signage, why thank you for telling me I am on a trail. But I would like to know which trail...

Around 18.5 miles into the day I got to Bucks Summit to find the guys waiting. Now I must admit this sounds much prettier than it is. Turns out its a road, although it did have a pretty decent pullout perfect for siesta. It's amazing how much you appreciate large flat spaces when you spend most of your breaks on a narrow trail.

TW ended up hitching into Quincy (12 miles away) and bringing back avocados and all we needed to create guacamole. The food looked amazing but I wasn't feeling right, I pretty much just curled up in my sleeping bag and tried to nap. Bummer. We met one other thruhiker, On-time, who seemed to think we were a bit strange for hanging out in sleeping bags on the side of the road. But who knows, maybe he just chuckles at everyone.
Heading out late from the highway the trail was an old fire road. I love this because it tends to be a bit wider than standard trail and has a bit less useless winding. I like to think its because at one point this road had a purpose, you know get that fire truck somewhere quick. Anyway as it switchbacked up the hill I could feel my spirits rising and my headache and nausea subsiding. Woohoo. Can walking fix all ails? Seriously though still not quite sure what was up, not dehydrated or too much sun. Who knows I'm just glad it disappeared.
Anyway those last 6 or so miles of the day were fantastic. Maybe it was just that I had been feeling lousy but feeling a little more normal brought so many small things into focus and everything seemed wonderful. There was bright green moss that reminded of being at summer camp back as a little kid, the evening light on all of the flowers, even the smell of the fallen trees was making me smile. The view opened up, ridges of blue mountains, lakes and a sunset. What a fantastic evening, camped on the edge of a mountain overlooking the whole glorious thing.

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  1. I am really enjoying your blog, keep it up. I am amazed at your groups daily mileage. Great job !!!