Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 92, OREGON!

Daily mileage: 32
Mile 1677-1709

I woke up thrilled. By the end of today I would be in Oregon! I packed up giddy with excitement. Blair's Witch and Trailbait were rustling around but had not yet emerged from their tent, I wished them a good day and hit the trail. I'm sure I'll see them again at some point, with a town stop so close its inevitable.
I hit the first climb smiling, I'm in the mountains and loving life, this area is gorgeous. And so the morning passed, climbing all the way up and around to the ridge line and then rolling along. Rolling mountains as far as the eye can see, wildflowers, meadows, and trees. I love my life.

The first spot to get water was 0.8 miles off trail, no thank you. The second two were seasonal and I walked right past them, I think I saw a marshy area but it didn't even register. Besides I still had plenty of water. The fourth I sat and stared at, a ways down a steep embankment but I just couldn't bring myself to go that far off trail. I was starting to cut it close. I am so much more willing to carry extra water now rather than go off trail like I used to. Just a different mindset now, plus they seem to be marked a whole lot less. I like to avoid taking the wrong deer trail or fire road to nothing if I can help it. I finally caved and went 0.2 off trail to Mud Springs. A 15 mile morning on only the water I had started with, wow does walking in the cold make a difference. Oh and this morning was chilly, I actually hiked for hours in a hat and gloves, I thought this was a hot stretch? Oh wait I am so much happier at 55 degrees than 90! Although it would be nice if my shoes would dry, it's been 3 days now...
The miles were rolling by as I rolled down the trail. The excitement had dulled a bit. My very first big border crossing on this trail is exciting, but 21.7 miles does take awhile to hike. My hunger is back in full force so I spent the morning smiling and snacking enjoying the trail. There was just a trail race out here and while I wish they had cleaned up after themselves (I have a lot of Gu wrappers in my pack now) it was oddly fun seeing the flour arrows and pink ribbon marking the trail. This section of trail looks well used and I totally understand why. The views are just gorgeous. We're even back to being able to see Shasta.
More climbing and I was getting close, one last big meadow, an old cabin and just a bit farther...

Now look as special as possible for your self portrait...

I hung around for a bit and then started back to climbing, I am in love with Oregon right now. It is so gorgeous.

Finally picked a spot to stop. I had been so busy enjoying the cliff edge walking and the sunset that I had let it get pretty late. Tomorrow Ashland!

And it continues...
I woke up around 2 am for a bathroom break. As I sat looking at the stars I thought, hmm that felt like a raindrop. Must just be moisture in the air out here, because I'm looking at the stars... Within ten minutes it's raining. Oops, welcome to Oregon. I'm swaddled in my tent because there is no place to pitch it without actually getting up and hiking and looking out at the night under my umbrella. Well at least I'm going into town, so I'm not worried about my stuff getting to wet. But I learned my lesson. Even if they are just scattered clouds, if they look like rain put the silly tent up so you don't get wet at 2 am.

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