Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 81, Oh Hello Sun

Daily mileage: 25
Mile 1450-1475

I did not sleep well last night, funny slope, mosquitoes buzzing and who knows what else. Either way I was not complaining when everyone stayed in bed late today. Although looking back I could have used that slightly cooler half hour later because the heat is kicking my butt. Finally started hiking and then took a longer than usual breakfast so it was already 70 degrees by the time I started climbing (oh yeah, at 7 am, again not a cool one today). But that's okay the morning was full of wildflowers, trees and views of Shasta. I didn't even have to bust out the sun shade umbrella until almost 9 when the open sun finally beat out the patchy shade.

And then the heat really started to kick in. Over 80 and I am not so happy. The trail took me to the edge of a mountainside and contoured forever in 90 plus heat. I was literally walking from shady spot to shady spot gasping in the slightly cooler air there. I am so far from being well adapted to heat its ridiculous.

Looking back at the trail

Still heading out into the open, but an amazing break at a little cold seasonal creek saved my afternoon from being too awful.

As I kept trotting along time was speeding by. The trail finally dropped down into a shady canyon and I could breathe again. I made it to siesta cheerful, but really late. I was okay for awhile but the heat and the slowness apparently got to me more than I thought and I peeled out early concerned I couldn't make our planned mileage. Not fun on any front. The miles down into the canyon were easy, but mentally beating yourself up and still not eating enough are not great contributors to happiness. Walking with caveman a bit helped, I know we all have bad days but I'm really hoping tomorrow is a bit easier on my psyche. Bummer that it's supposed to be even hotter than today. At 9pm its still over 70 and the mosquitoes are buzzing away. Time to at least try to sleep.

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