Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 78, Living it up on the Hat Creek Rim

Daily Mileage: 24
Mile 1387-1411

No more night hiking, it was time to face the hat creek rim in broad daylight. I was awake early but pretending I wasn't because I was so comfy in my sleeping bag. I heard "hey focus it's after 5:30," but in my half asleep state I wasn't sure it had actually been said or if I had dreamed it. All very disorienting, but having to pee is always a great motivator so about a half hour later than usual I was rolling along. Met some of the cows we heard last night, enjoyed the morning coolness that lasted at least for a little while and really got to see the rim. It was kind of cool having driven past it but a little depressing because I knew how long it really was. Plus there were a few errors on one set of maps which is never fun (Caveman and I both have Guthooks app on our phones and the list of waypoints are usually fantastic but today not so much). There is a water cache along the rim at mile 1398ish but it was shown at 1390 and a few other little things had my morning seeming a bit off and really long.
Looking at Lassen and then a little later at Shasta as well was pretty sweet though. Kind of hazy but here goes:



Looking back at the rim and Lassen, you are on the edge of this big mesa thing which I guess is the hat creek rim.

My first attempt at a partial panorama, Lassen on the left, Shasta on the right.

Trotting along with my umbrella out the heat wasn't too bad today, in the 80's and there was even a little bit of a breeze. Made it to the water cache about 18 miles into the stretch which was much appreciated. Although word to the wise, smell what you drink first. Reused milk jugs, not always perfectly clean. Thanks Caveman for saving the rest of us from tasting that loveliness.

Down and flat was the name of the game the rest of the day. Dusty cow trails with lava rock and more views of Lassen.

Took a nice siesta hiding from the heat, enjoying all the wind and mostly just trying to nap. Also really noticing how dirty everyone is, with all this volcanic dust we are filthier than we've been in awhile.
I was not dry camping again so even though I was going slow I was making it to that next water source tonight. Made it down a little later than I wanted but at least I made it. I could only see the sunset through the trees but wow what a color. Complete fail iPhone camera. The zoom just really doesn't take good enough photos. Camping next to the aqueduct as it spits and spurts out of a hole that provided us with some super tasty water. And tomorrow is Burney Falls and a resupply box. Yay for new socks!

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