Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 77, Why yes that is a parade

Daily mileage: 8
Mile: 1379-1387

We got to wake up in a treehouse, how awesome is that? Today was the fourth if July but we also had to deal with all of our last minute errands and hopefully rest at least a little before the local festivities. Should have known that would never all happen.
Pinky made breakfast and then more food than should ever be eaten at once appeared from a freezer. Vegan options galore, yay for Caveman. The morning passed too quickly, hearing stories and doing I don't know what. No rest to be had, but very enjoyable. Caveman and I ended up driving to Burney Falls to get ingredients to help make Chili for the barbecue. Kind of strange to see the trail from a car, Hat Creek Rim looks so long. This next section is not going to be cool and shady thats for sure. Heard more fantastic stories and life advice from our trail angel and finally made it back to the house. Spun in a few more circles, helped make chili and cleaned up a bit and then suddenly we were late for the parade. Still no nap time today, oh well, how often do you get to be in parades? We booked it across a field in some pretty sorry looking getups, we were to late to put on our planned ridiculousness from our time playing dress up the night before.
Oh man what a great parade, lawn mowers, fancy cars, a tow truck, the local fire engine, even a margarita boat and a chips and salsa boat. Seriously, boats being hauled by trucks chucking food at folks. Three loops around the neighborhood, waving flags and being silly. Good times. Then it was back to grab our stuff and on to the neighborhood barbecue.

Pinky was heading back home so we grabbed a ride and back towards the trail we finally went. Talked trail a bit with the new folks who were sitting in front of the gas station and sometime after 7 we actually started hiking. Still hot even in the afternoon, but hopefully cooler than full sun. Quick detour to Subway Cave, a short way off trail for water and to see the cave. Pretty cool but crazy dark without a light, fun being goofy and stumbling the 1/3 mile through.

And then it was time to suck it up and climb up to the rim. I missed the sunset during the climb which was a bit of a bummer but up at the top I met up with guys and the real night hike started. It felt like we were in the sahara, long wavy grass and a huge full moon. Very cool. We were in no rush and after sitting around taking breaks and wandering through bushes we called it quits pretty early. Because hey, any miles tonight are less tomorrow so no stress tonight.

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