Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 74, Did you say halfway?

Daily mileage: 26
Mile 1315-1341

All the little things about today are irrelevant because today was a milestone and that trumps all. Today was the halfway point! Halfway may not be the biggest deal to some, but Caveman and I were ridiculously excited.
Woke up damp but no real rain overnight so that was a win. And then it was time to make miles. Less than 15 miles to some marker that isn't even exactly correct and I was still so stoked. See the mileage changes every year but the marker hasn't moved...who cares its close enough to half for me to count it. Plus the trail may have gotten longer since the midpoint post was created but we do a ton of off trail miles so it all evens out somewhat.

Can you tell I liked the clouds this morning? There was some climbing but I was in my own world and just flew up, a quick stop to admire Lassen and Caveman and I were off again. And then we were there, the two of us shouted and jumped around like idiots and had a great time. When the cousins rolled up they seemed less overjoyed than us, but hey enjoy your moments as you wish. This was a big one for me.

Sat around reading the register. That was pretty fun because it actually dates back to last year. It's crazy how much snow affects the trail. Last year the very fastest didn't hit halfway until 7/21, we're 20 days earlier and by no means the fastest of the herd. It does look like there are 40ish people ahead of us and who knows how many behind. But I have a feeling that a whole lot of folks will soon be speeding by as daily miles pick up and we stick to our nice and steady 25s.
As for the rest of the day, well it was back to trail life as normal. Milestone done, excitement mellowed. Miles still to hike.
Finally headed down, more forested switchbacks (starting to be a theme out here). Happy to find delicious water on drier stretches like today. Down and past the highway into Chester, another fun trail register dating back to 2009 and trail magic. Wow its been awhile since we've seen a cooler. Through the forest and across a million dirt roads. Finally called it quits in some scrub brush.
Still walking in the forest, halfway through the trail. Life is good.

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