Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 91, Seied Valley

Daily mileage: 19
Mile: 1558-1677

Today we get to go to Seied Valley. Where there is a post office, a small store and a breakfast lunch place. And it sounds like thats pretty much it. Oh and its also the State of Jefferson. I would love to explain that one but I just can't do it justice, so google it and learn something new today.

This adventure starts out with 6.5 miles of road walking. Best thing about the road walk? Close call between wildlife and food. Because in those few miles we saw a golden eagle and it's nest and a bunch of river otters playing in the Klamath River. But we also got to finally eat some ripe blackberries. Not many but the ones we got, so good.

We were there by 8 and wow was breakfast good. We even got to see Trailbait take on the pancake challenge. 5 one pound pancakes in 2 hours, those pancakes were ridiculously huge. She managed to get down about 11/2 I think. I also learned that my old group of guys had tried the day before and done about the same. The more than 2 pancake barrier seems to be a tough barrier to cross.

We hung around for a bit, resupplied and did nothing for a bit longer. Finally hit the trail for what I had heard was a pretty brutal climb. Seied has the reputation for being pretty darn hot. Last week it was apparently 106, lucky for us there are giant thunderclouds and it's in the eighties. Yeah that is still one killer climb, over 5000 feet and it is no joke.

I very quickly lost the folks I had hiked in with and just struggled to keep moving forward. I took a break partway up and officially met Trailbait and Blair's Witch as they passed me by. A short while later I caught them at the spring and chatted a bit more. As the climb continued the clouds became more ominous and then the rain finally came.

I gave up flip flopping Blair's witch and Trailbait and headed up the trail with them. The miles passed as we chattered away, this is really the first time I've had the chance to hike with just women and we were having a grand time. After climbing and contouring for ages we stood very confused staring at a meadow filled with horses and mules. It took a person shouting and waving at us for us to realize they weren't wild but part of a trail crew. We went over and chatted, and got to pet the horses/mules too. Great fun.

Headed upwards and onwards giggling the whole way. We stopped for the night at Green Springs Summit. A nice big space and even a spring nearby. We then stayed up much to late acting like little kids at a sleepover. I even managed to eat most of one of the infamous pancakes since Trailbait had brought the ones she hadn't finished. Not to bad, but no way would I eat 5. Bedtime it is, and tomorrow I finally get to go to Oregon!

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