Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 85, Headcase

Daily mileage: 23
Mile 1535-1558
Oh mosquitoes would you please just go away? Up and moving early and the silly things even bothered us during breakfast. A short climb to kick things off and set the tone for the day. And for me that would be one slow as heck morning. It was gorgeous but I felt like I was barely moving, and my Achilles are killing me. Particularly my right foot so I limp along taking frequent breaks and enjoying the views. A short patch of snow and then I was contouring my way around new mountains, my favorite :)

See that picture, yup on the way to deadfall lakes I scared a baby deer. It could not figure life out and kept bouncing around everywhere except after its mother, so funny to watch.

And so morning dragged on. 10 miles by ten, I think not. I had barely made 6 miles by noon. Not good. Lovely breaks sticking my foot in streams in the hopes that anything would help and hiding from the sun with my lovely umbrella. And wow, so many day hikers,I guess the Parks Creek Trailhead is quite the popular place to be. I think I looked rather crazy, hungry, hurting and hot, quite the cocktail. As the trail continued to contour the miles away I found a perfect way to spend a little time. A good break at a creek is hard to pass up.

Finally headed out and after a few more breaks I actually caught up with the guys. Way late in the afternoon and all I really wanted to do was nap, what a long day for me so far! After a very short break and the plan for a short 6 miles it was back to the trail. I think I was barely making a mile or so an hour and I was struggling. It was gorgeous and I felt mental. I didn't feel super slow and yet the miles were just not passing.

All I wanted to do was camp but I had Caveman's solar charger and I needed to return it. Because I'd come to the decision that I was so very tired and worn down that I just didn't want to fight to keep up anymore. Only thing was I needed to return that stupid charger and I just couldn't catch them. And so my insanely mental breakdown of an evening continued. After 9 I finally rounded a corner and there they were. Even fewer miles than planned and I had still struggled every step of the way. Utterly defeated I lay down and thankfully went to sleep. The trail will still be there even if I'm solo.
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