Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 79, Burney Falls

Daily mileage: 14
Mile 1411-1425

With only 12 miles to Burney Falls and our resupply box we should have made quick work of the miles but it was not to be. Within less than a mile I saw the guys walking back towards me, turns out that a guy across the lake had offered to cook us fresh fish for breakfast. So a fish breakfast detour was in order. We chatted it up, watched some amazing pelicans and just generally enjoyed the slow start to the morning.

The fish was super tasty but my stomach and I are still not seeing eye to eye (seriously though this has been happening since before Quincy). It could definitely be the heat, but whatever it is it took me almost two hours to choke down half a granola bar. My stomach hurts and I know I need to eat but just opening up my food bag made me nauseous. Everything just seems too sweet or too salty, I sure hope it's all in my head because I would like to be able to eat a real amount of food again. The miles may be easier but they aren't nothing. So after failing to eat breakfast and curling into a little ball and feeling sorry for myself it was finally back to hiking.
I am amazed at how flat the trail has been the last 2 days, but it gets hot quick. The forest opened up into a burn area and with the heat making me feel sluggish I took some great breaks in the shade. Which was actually great fun because a lot of burns have zero shade but this one had some fantastic spots.

As I very slowly made my way to Burney the temperature kept climbing. I was overwhelmed by noise as the trail went straight through a tree felling operation full of dirt roads and loud machinery. Then past some dry creeks and a ton of unmarked side trails as I finally made it to Burney Falls. Gorgeous water falls and a sweet spot to kill a lot of hours. Huge picnic tables and lots of shade. Perfect. And then the real fun came, I got new socks (thanks mom!) and found possibly the best hiker box yet. The guys had missed it because I you have to ask for it specifically, the store isn't really hiker friendly compared to a lot of other places.

I have no idea who you are wonderful hiker who left all your food but I think I love you. Epically good dinners and snacks, vacuum sealed and full of amazing ingredients. Hours of sifting through food and leaving a lot of ours behind followed. Lazy resupplies are great.

Plus it was hiker central. A total of 11 hikers by the end of the afternoon. That's more hikers than I've seen since Kennedy Meadows; Dallas, Lucky Nalgene, Raisins, Hawkeye, Kombucha, Joker, and Wrong Way. What a crowd. Finally hit the trail with Dallas tagging along with the plan to go around 3 miles. Got to the dam at Lake Britton and after watching a big old rattlesnake for awhile we decided it was a pretty sweet spot to stop. So camp for the night with the sounds of the spillway in our ears.

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