Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 76, Old Station

Daily mileage: 13
Mile 1366-1379

Town day! Except we were just at Drakesbad and I'm actually not that hungry, so no rush into this town. Rolled on down the trail, flat as flat can be and then down for ages into Old Station.

On the way down there were a ton of dirt roads and I started to notice more and more car campers. So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to round a corner and find the guys chatting it up with some car campers. A big group of folks out for the week for the fourth. Fresh baked bread, plums and coffee. Deliciously slow morning. The miles flew by and somehow we were already in Old Station. A post office, an RV Park and a tiny (insanely tiny, no resupply possible here) minimart and picnic table. Luckily enough mousetrap was also there and he had some 2011 thruhiker friends in the area who gave us a ride down the road to the Rim Rock gas station. Still small but you can actually get food here. And then it was hours at a picnic table, so nice. Even some super spotty wifi.

Pinky, who hiked last year, stopped by again in the afternoon bribing us with offers of food and a treehouse. We only planned on staying the afternoon but we couldn't just skip a treehouse.

What an epic place to stay, the whole setup was pretty amazing. We also were told that we could be in the local parade the next day, umm yes please. So plans were changed, Old Station is the place to be and tomorrow after a parade and put luck barbecue we'll night hike the beginning of the hat creek rim section. Supposedly insanely hot, exposed and pretty unpleasant. What a great day.

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