Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 70, Onwards to the Feather River!

Daily mileage: 24.5
Mile 1227-1251.5

Today was a day to wander. No hurry, just slowly winding in and out of forests. Trees, and butterflies, wildflowers and even a view of what must be Lassen.

We're back to stretches where you have to go off trail for water, or carry a bit more like we chose to do. Stopped early for siesta in a little canyon with a tiny stream. The day was heating up and our siesta was back to its original purpose. Hiking in 90 degree heat, not if I can help it.
After siesta more silly switchbacks and circles and then down we went, the trail was steep but the forest was so enjoyable. Even some nice damp sections with ferns and such, very different then the drier forest surrounding it. The plan was to go to mile 1252 tonight but half a mile before that was a great bridge over the middle fork of the feather river. Unanimous decision to sleep on the bridge. And I only lost one pair of docks to the river :) darn you current, I'm just not as fast as you.

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