Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 38, Well that's different...

Daily mileage: 26
Mile 639-665

So at about 9:15 last night I stuck my arm out of my sleeping bag and paused. Was that a rain drop? Wait wasn't it like 30 something degrees out last time I checked? Uh oh... That's right, we got snowed on. Now we all know that it can (and does) snow every month of the year and the desert is no exception. Which is why we have all carried cold/wet weather gear since Mexico. However just because it can does not mean you actually expect it to.

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So there we were camped on the trail getting snowed on. Now it was very light snow but still. Managed to throw my Tyvek (my ground cloth material) over my lower half and popped my umbrella open over my head. I definitely fell asleep with that silly thing wrapped around my hand. Woke up a lot checking on my stuff but it all stayed pretty good, although one shoe did get filled with snow. Oh well that's what wool socks are for.

5 am rolled around and we were bundled up and headed down the trail. Not really snowing but getting colder, we were walking in a foggy cloud along the ridge line. My water actually froze as we were walking. Nothing like chugging ice unexpectedly. Took a short quarter mile detour to McIver's cabin (a funky cabin off trail that hikers are allowed to sleep in). Saw Yeti camped there, ate some breakfast sheltered from the wind and tried to stay warn while we weren't walking. It's the most clothing I've ever seen any of our group wear. Caveman has been living in Hawaii and we mess with him sometimes for how cold he always is out here, but it was hilarious watching him try to warm up this morning.

Heading out we finally started to get out from under the blustery cloud and could really appreciate the mountains the trail was winding through. I think I took at least twenty pictures every time I turned a corner. These are some gorgeous mountains out here.

Made it down to the Walker Pass Campground, passed the highway and back to desert climbing.

Nice steep climb and then contouring all around with more amazing views.

Down to the valley floor, following bear footprints all the way. Quick stop at Joshua Tree Spring with a lovely warning about possible uranium contamination. No water versus uranium isn't too much if a question at this point. Headed just a bit farther, tucked in on the trail and ready for tomorrow.

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