Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 61, Now that you mention it, no I don't like walking in wind tunnels

Daily mileage: 27-28
Mile 1048.5- past 1076

Up and out as usual. Within just a mile or two we passed Ebbets Pass. Not to exciting of a road in real life but pretty significant in my head because I actually knew where it was!
Then it was winding around volcanic rock through forests. So much fun seeing different scenery.

I spent part of the morning hiking with the guys but decided that I wanted to go a bit slower and enjoy my time. So up down and around on the trail I wandered. Over a bluff and the view really opened up, steep canyons and amazing views. And the wind, oh my goodness we haven't had wind like that since the wind farms.

Contouring the mountain in crazy wind, staggering along the whole way. But you know, the miles still just rolled on by and suddenly I was passing Blue Lakes Rd and it was siesta. 20 miles by 2, its been so fun having the miles come easier these last few days. There are still mountains, and climbs but the miles are really starting to come easy again. After siesta it was back to climbing. We were back to laughing at how ridiculous the wind was and enjoying the views of blue lakes and mountains beyond as we tried not to be blown over up on top of the ridge.

Windy and cold in and out of rocky emigrant wilderness it was more rivers and lakes as we climbed. Snowmelt everywhere and yet another beautiful sunset.
Something I am terrible at capturing in photos. This area is beautiful, and we are back in the world of new flowers and plants!

Sleeping halfway up the climb looking out at the view as the wind whips by. On to Carson Pass in the morning.

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  1. Maya I love your blog. Great stories and pictures. Plus you're pretty much in the lead mileage wise of the 70 blogs I'm following on the PCT. Just a tip for your iPhone if you want to better capture the scenes try the app "Pano" as it stitches together multiple pics for panoramics. I use it hiking all the time. One tip is to take 3 pictures int the "portrait" mode (verticle) and stitch them together and it maintains the aspect ratio of a standard "landscape" (horizontal) picture. It's kind of like have a built in wide angle lens. Hope you like it if you try it. See you on the trail in Oregon maybe!

    -Portland PCT Section Hiker Mike (SoBo)