Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 65, Onwards to Rest Areas and Amazingness

Daily mileage: 12
Mile: 1147-1159

Today we had a mission. We had to be at the rest area at I-80 by 11 because Caveman's friend was going to pick us up and take us to his house in grass valley for 2 nearos. So up we climbed. We hit the ridge line near Tinkers Knob, and while it was awesome to be walking on the crest. 41 degrees with blowing wind, not quite so awesome.

And on the trail meandered. I ran into a small area of ice and after slipping around for a few minutes I gave up and just went all the way around. Ice has officially scared me and I am giving it a wide berth right now. The trail wandered on, cold as can be. More great views, and you could tell it was near ski resorts again. As I started climbing again I hit a huge area of ice masquerading as snow. There was a bootleg trail going up the side of the mountain around it, and as I stared at the steep angle on the snow I voted for the side trail. And then I cursed myself as I found myself climbing to the top of a mountain I didn't have to technically climb. Darn you giant patch of snow. But hey at the very top I got to walk by a ski tram, the joys of not following the trail. Skidded on down the mountainside worrying about how time was speeding by only to find the guys waiting at the trail. Turns out my choice wasn't too bad and crossing the ice had been super sketchy.

Looking all the way down at the icy snow I detoured around.

Down we went, through Donner Pass, doing our best to stay on time. Schedules are stressful! We hit the highway at 1100 and the rest area 3 minutes later. Not too shabby.
And then it was glorious. We got picked up and headed down to our own personal trail angels in Grass Valley. Words cannot do justice to the generosity and awesomeness that are Dean and Nicole. We got to their giant house, walked into their kitchen and pretty much just sat there stunned. Their fridge is over twice the size of normal. So good, we ate fresh cookies and a million other things and took wonderful showers. The afternoon was mostly eating, cooking and catching up on all things requiring electronics. Then a bit of resupplying and more eating. Again I can't even explain how fantastic it was. There were even unlimited kiwis and walnuts! Farmers as family just made our day even that much greater. Tomorrow we have to buckle down and actually resupply...

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