Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 39, Another day on the trail

Daily mileage: 25
Mile 665-690

Awhile back I was talking to another thru hiker named Joe about writing a letter/email to his wife about how the trail was. He mentioned that he didn't know what to say since all we really were doing was walking. I mean yes, everyday I wake up pack up all my junk and start walking. That really is it, and yet over the course of one day it seems like so much happens. Go try it, walk 20-25 miles and see if your day seems short and boring.
Today the trail seemed determined to show us every bit of the mountains we were on. Long climb up, circle around, contour across, circle again. Wave to where you were yesterday (over 10 miles away). Head all the way down and then back up again. A few more trees today and the gorgeous spanish needle creek (crosses at least 3 times but one had a sweet little waterfall type thing). The biggest thing about today is actually tomorrow. See tomorrow is Kennedy Meadows, the entrance to the sierras and our first town stop in 6 days. Things are about to got a whole lot different terrain and difficulty wise. Lots of new things to look forward to.
After all our climbing this morning we got to our water source. A creek at the bottom of the valley near an actual road and a campground a little ways off trail. It was around one and actually heating up, did some creek laundry and filled up on water (yay last 19 mile stretch without water for at least 300 miles!). Found a nice shady spot for siesta. We are currently involved in a rather epic game of spades so naptime was skipped and we even left later than planned. With 9 miles to go we started back to climbing (trying to set up for a shorter morning into Kennedy meadows. 2500 some odd feet of elevation gain through trees and mountains and of course burn areas brought us to our last climb of this section. Wandered on until dark and sat with an amazing view as the temperature dropped and we dreamt of what the store might have for sale.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, phone was dead until after siesta. Fighting with solar chargers can be frustrating.

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