Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 46, Forester Pass Part 2

Okay, so here goes part 2 of Forester Pass

Thank goodness there wasn't too much post holing, did manage a few impressive ones though.
We are completely in love with this area and took our sweet time enjoying the view. Bright blue crystal clear lake with some snow in it, why yes please. Who says its too soon in the season to swim?

Coming down it was just one jaw dropping view after another.

Okay marmots aren't a great view, but they are great fun to watch.

Storm rolling in, luckily just a few raindrops for us.

Headed down past Vidette Meadows and on towards non PCT land. The plan is to go to the town of Independence to resupply via the Bullfrog trail. About 8 miles out over Kearsage Pass to the Onion Valley Trailhead where you pray some kind day hiker will feel pity for you and pick you up since its a dead end road 12 miles up a mountain.

Bullfrog lake, such a surprise. Stunning at sunset, camped on the trail where we can enjoy the view.

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