Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 42, It's really starting now...

Daily mileage: 20
Mile 704-724

Woke up a little on the cold side covered in frost. Toasted Whiskers' watch got as low as 23 degrees and that's just when he happened to look at it. Yikes, that's chilly. It's getting light even earlier now so 5am actually seems kind of bright and late but we are in no rush. Our plan is to take the sierras slow and enjoy them as much as we can. Right now we want to do a side trip to Mt. Whitney (highest point in the contiguous united states). It's a 17 mile round trip off the PCT adventure. The intersection where we would leave the PCT is at about 766 so we can either do two 30+ mile days or three 22ish mile days. That's an easy choice so today is a slower day than we've been doing for the last stretch.
Lots of elevation gain today. Started with the Kern River and then on to meadows and burn areas and then out of the burn into just plain gorgeous meadows and mountains.

The Kern River gave us a great siesta spot. Sat in the river (if you leave your clothes on they get clean to...), ate, napped, played some spades. All things that make siesta great.

Lots of climbing up into a shady creek canyon. So pretty but had the one thing that I truly hate in this area...mosquitoes. Climbing and climbing with amazing views and a great sunset. Getting dark but finished the last half mile or so to make it to the high point of the day (a saddle/pass). Played around watching the sunset and then just a little bit of a late bedtime.

Today was tough for me, lower miles but surprisingly hard. I'm super excited to be here but my body seems less excited. My legs just seem much slower than usual and I'm assuming the elevation is the main reason behind that. Hopefully won't last for to long... Go acclimatization!

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