Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 57, Benson Pass

Daily Mileage: 24.2
Miles: 948.5-972.7

Today started with a meadow, man it's so great being back out here.

Okay now to be honest, it's a few days later and I have almost no memory of this day. It was one of those days where you have good views, lots of climbing and a few mosquitoes. I spent the morning alone and as the trail kept climbing I took a quick break and went swimming as a treat.

More meadows and climbs, and lots of small creek crossings. I mean wow Wilson Creek, 7 times, thats impressive. I managed to lose the trail at least once as I spaced out and turned down a creek bed. To be fair the trail was blocked by a downed tree and a mess of branches. Even if the view is great, make sure you remember to actually check the trail every once and awhile.

As I neared Benson Pass it seemed like the land of false summits. At least watching all the clouds rolling in made the climb more fun. Still I was more than ready for siesta and the top just would not appear. While not a super hard day I was moving slow and my feet were wet from all the creeks and meadows so the break was pretty great.

Lots of descent after siesta. Rocks and creeks and stumbling over what we thought was the trail when it was actually the rocks a foot or two away. Talking distracts you just as much as looking at the views. Apparently I am not a great multitasker out here. Finally settled on a spot as it got dark, we were trying to get to the Benson Lake intersection so we could have a nice 25 mile day but stopped a bit short. We could see the lake though, so we knew it couldn't be too far. Besides, breaks and enjoying the day are more important than making miles.

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