Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 56, And back on the trail we go

Mile 942.5-948.5

Woke up and headed to Curry Village on the off chance that the Internet would be happier in the morning with less people around. Sitting in Yosemite Valley worrying about the Internet, not really what I wish I was doing. But it was slightly faster so that was useful.
The cousins hit the breakfast buffet one more time while Caveman and I opted for showers and leftover snacks. That shower was amazing, I think I just stood under that hot tap for ages. I jump in lakes pretty regularly now but I have not really washed my hair since the Saufleys, over 450 miles ago. That was one perfect shower.
We all wasted more time on the porch of the Curry Village Lounge before deciding we should probably grab a bit more food and try to get back to Tuolumne sooner rather than later. A 40+ mile hitch for 4 people could be tricky. Turns out not so much. Within 5 minutes of standing in front of Camp 4's parking lot cheese whiz and I where on our way. It took us 3 hitches but they were all great guys and we never waited longer than 5 minutes. I especially liked the climber who played us an audiobook of Charles Dickens after telling us the plot so we wouldn't be lost. So much fun.
Back by the Tuolumne store caveman and TW were already waiting and had staked us out a picnic table, they had got a hitch straight up right after we had left. Great luck and timing for all of us.
Spent the next 5 hours at that picnic table, chatting with other hikers, eating a giant salad, some pasta from Caveman's dad and about twenty other things we had managed to somehow acquire. It was great, laughter and ridiculousness and of course spades. What more could you want from siesta time?

The time finally came for us to actually leave. We hit the trail and waddled down it with our ridiculously heavy backpacks.

The trail on the way to Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp is one popular trail! Basically a road through river meadows with giant slabs of rock and forested areas. Its always good to be back on the trail, and sitting and staring at a river surrounded by mountains makes it that much better.

Made it to Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp. We found the bear boxes and did our crazy mosquito dance because the swarms of those things had been getting ridiculously bad. Stuffed our bags into the bear box and hid in our sleeping bags, praying the mosquitoes would die down overnight.

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