Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 45, Whitney!

Mile 766.4-770 (plus 17 non PCT miles for Whitney)

I wish pictures did today justice. Such a good day.
Early morning hiking up past timberline lake and then guitar lake.

Yesterday's storm left fresh snow on the trail. Patchy at first then higher up a pretty continuous silly little layer only 1/4 -1/2 inch in most places but soft and fluffy and fun to make tracks in.

It's hard to see but the thin line of snow is looking back down at the trail.

Still a few patches of real snow, all super easy to get through.

The last 1.9 miles of the approach are super rocky and you are traversing this ridge line slowly creeping towards the peak, and when you finally are almost there you have to climb up from the backside. Which can feel like forever, breathing at 14000 ft is a whole different world than sea level. It was fun passing the day hikers though, guess over a month on the trail makes it at least a little easier.

The view from the top is fantastic.

And back down we go...

It's hard to see but the trail is below those notches.

Back to Guitar Lake where we took a quick dip, calling it swimming would be to generous. Lakes above tree line with snowmelt on the banks, yeah those are kind of chilly.
Back to Crabtree Meadows, hung out for a few hours.

Saw a few more hikers show up and then we took off on a leisurely 4ish miles to the next bear box and a little bit closer to Forester Pass. The highest point on the PCT and tomorrow's adventure.

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  1. Maya! super fine to see you've made it into the Sierra . . . that didn't hurt a bit, did it!!!!!! keep it goin"

  2. Hey Maya! I have been enjoying your journal from the beginning! I just did a review and am interested in the trail names of your group. You often mention we and us but not the trail names. I bet as your group changes you would like the names, too?? You are a really good writer. I am amazed that you can do the miles and still have energy to write. Way to go!