Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 63, Desolation Wilderness

Daily mileage: 25
Mile 1096.5-1121.5

So when you compare yourself to a bunch of other thruhikers you don't really feel that much more in shape, but today I finally got to feel just a little bit more awesome. I have spent a lot of time in Desolation Wilderness, and while the hikes may not have always kicked my butt they weren't exactly a breeze either. But today, oh we were all sailing and those miles were sweet.
Entering Desolation Wilderness I've been looking at this sign for years, I still can't believe I'm really here.

Then it was onto lake aloha where we ate breakfast burritos. I love short resupplies, 2.5 days versus 6 days wins hands down.

I love Desolation, past more lakes and then up to Dick's Pass.

The view from the pass

Dicks lake

Took an early siesta so we could hang out and swim at Fontanillis Lake. I love being able to swim and we got to see a ton of day hikers which was fun.

Down we went, past Velma Lakes and back into the land of mosquitoes. Forest and boggy meadows, only this time I managed to put on my mosquito gear within 2 hours instead of 8. Nowhere near as bad as northern Yosemite, but still pretty annoying. Hiked until Richardson Lake and then just until we found some water, our lovely seasonal snowmelt seems to be tapering off and we actually have to pay a little attention to water sources soon. Tucked up in our sleeping bags, hiding from the bugs and still loving life.

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